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Limiting the Carbon Footprint of Your Media Packaging

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The concept of ‘Eco friendliness’ or ‘going green’ has caught on increasingly in the last few years for almost all kinds of businesses. The same can be said of the DVD and CD packaging industry. One of the most important marketing focuses has been the promotion of environmentally friendly products. There are several options that are available if you want to package your media and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. The first choice is to restrict the amount of plastic in the packaging which you use for your DVD or CD. The first choice is to restrict the amount of plastic that is there in the packaging for your DVD or CD.

Packaging has always focused on the use of plastic materials primarily because of the fact that they are cheap and affordable. The industry standard for the audio CD is the jewel case that is made from polystyrene. The industry standard for the DVD is the case that is made of polypropylene and the new box for Blue-ray which is also made of this material. With the sizes and styles of alternative packaging that is similar to the industry standards being very important, businesses are fast coming up with a solution that the consumers will accept and recognize.

The Digital is a great solution that the consumers recognize and accept instantly. The Digital is a great way out for replacing the DVD case and jewel case. it is made primarily of thick printed card and includes plastic trays as the holders for the DVD or the CD. It looks impressive as well as expressive due to the large amount of space that is available for graphic display. There is also another option that is available, which is to eliminate the plastic altogether and use the packaging made totally out of card.

In this sort of packaging, the DVD or CD is contained in paper holders or die cut slots. One of the new and innovative products that are available here is the Jukebox that helps in holding together the media in a copyrighted paper ‘claw’. In addition to that, you can request that the card which is used to create the packaging is recycled. The various types of paper such as Rasa offset are made of post-consumer 100% recycled fibers, rather than the virgin fibers. If you prefer the notion of the tray, you can use the Paper foam tray that is made of cellulose and starch.

This can be used in place of the plastic trays in various kinds of products such as the Digital. The product has been already used in various types of music releases for artists. Another option that can be used in tune with the alternatives that are mentioned above is the use of vegetable or soy based inks in the printing process. This option is not available with a lot of manufacturers, although their popularity is fast increasing. You should never forget that there are considerable added costs for producing this sort of packaging.

Making and Packaging of Eco friendly Music Discs

There are significant added costs that are involved in the production of this form of packaging. The cost of using recycled paper can be thrice the costs of standard pricing, when considered in amounts of about 1000 units. The process of manufacture of commercial compact disk is done by replicating from an important version that is created with the help of the source recording. This can take place either in audio form or in data from – the CD Audio or CD ROM respectively. The same process can be used in the manufacturing of the read only compact discs.

The making of CDs is somewhat different but broadly similar. The manufacturing process goes through various sorts of elaborate stages such as premastering, electroforming, mastering, post-mastering, replication and testing.

Packaging of the CD

When CDs were newly launched in the market replacing the video and audio cassettes, CD jewel cases had been the standard for doing the packaging. Different types of alternative CD housing cases are used today, but then the jewel cases offer the same distinct advantages as they did before. As they are cost efficient, compact and light, they are easily portable and resistant to damaging. It also allows the insertion of printed papers and can also accommodate booklets.

Literary cases were also the common methods of packaging CDs when CDs hit the market years back. Even as the Digital and eco friendly sleeves gain mass popularity due to their cost effective nature, library cases are still asked for by the people who are interested in protecting their material as a result of damage due to corrosion or scratching.

Jewel and Library Cases

Library cases and jewel packs were the primary CD packaging options available for quite a while. Then came the Digital with the advantages of their successors, but with the plastic part missing. It was effective, but a bit out of reach for most of the artists. However, it was the preferred service for the frontlines. The demand escalated at a slow but steady pace. With the growing demand and reducing price, it became regarded as a major competitor in the field.

After the CD jewel cases, CD library cases and the Digital, there was this cheaper and lighter solution to hit the market. With the spread of the eco friendly revolution, the demand for the eco friendly production of CD sleeves grew. The completely recyclable and bio-degradable non-plastic alternative was considered as lighter, more versatile and robust. The best thing was that it was available at a reduced rate. It fitted into the role seamlessly and enjoyed the confidence of the filmmakers and musicians all over the world.

There have been various kinds of CD packaging techniques hitting the market ever since the replacement of audio cassettes by the new age CDs. What is noteworthy here is the fact that none of the methods that were launched until now has been eradicated entirely by their successors. Perhaps this is why CD sleeve printing is so popular.




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