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Sublimation Printing for Promotional Mugs

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There are various ways through which you can customize a coffee mug, one of which is by adding a full color photo to it, so that you can preserve a memory, promote an event, or even create a unique gift. To some, the process of adding full color images to coffee mugs may be puzzling, but then once you see the sublimation printing process, you will want to create the mugs yourselves. Small businesses and crafts out of a garage or home use the sublimation process, thus indicating the simplicity of this printing process. Once you use this method, you can use full color and detailed artwork in your mug without worrying about scratching, peeling or fading.


The artwork is a permanent one. If you want to create a full color sublimation mug of your own, you will need to personalize your coffee mugs for sublimation with sublimation paper, a special sublimation coating, ink coating, bucket of water and a sublimation heat press. The products can mostly be found at the local craft store or online with a printing provider. This is better as printing suppliers tend to offer you with what you need in bulk quantities and at wholesale rates.


After the artwork is prepared, it is printed with dye sublimation ink on the special sublimation paper. The ink is usually denser than regular printed paper. After that, you need to eliminate any additional paper so that you can start with the image transference. Start with centering the artwork on the coated sublimation mug and apply the heat resistant tape to hold it in place. The mug and artwork is then prepared for being transferred into the heat press. The mug requires 3 to 5 clamped into the sublimation heat press that heats the mug up for ink transferring.


When it is heated in such a high temperature, the ink in the artwork is printed. It gets very hot so that it is absorbed within the mug material. After 3 to 5 minutes have passed by, you can remove the mug out of the heat press, take off the artwork and tape and place it in a bucket of hot water. Water is a very important part in completing the process. It allows the mug to cool off quickly and seals in the sublimation inks permanently, thus making the mug and art into a single product.


As a result of the process in which the transferring process of ink takes place, dye sublimation offers a lot more vibrant results which can be achieved more than regular printing, or even with the full color decals. Since the product absorbs the ink itself, it is almost like looking at the full color picture itself, rather than looking at a printed mug. For this reason, sublimation photo mugs have become highly popular as gifts and souvenirs for all kinds of occasions and events. You can make use of the mugs for your business event or promotion to impress potential clients and customers alike.


How to Produce Effective Mugs


Printing the promotional mugs is a low cost procedure that an help in dealing with the big advertising problems for a lot of printing businesses. There are a number of printers and businesses that are adept in printing the promotional mugs. If you are looking for promotional products to thank your customers or to simply grow your business, there are a number of companies you can choose from. Each of them offers you different styles of mugs, in different colors, materials and shapes. You may choose from the transparent glass mugs to the traditional porcelain mugs, and everything else in between.


The professional printers can help in making sure that you get the best possible design for your business and complete your mug printing needs and deliver your order within a few days. Promotional mugs can be a great way through which you can thank your clients on a regular basis. They are also unique as holiday gifts. The idea behind promotional merchandise is that they are to be given to customers, staff and clients so that it can help in advertising your brand or business. To the recipients these might be free gifts, but the reason why you have distributed them is to avail of an effortless way to advertise your business.


Coffee promotional mugs can be a great thing as people use them on a regular basis, whether it is simply to hold pens, or used daily to drink their favorite beverage. There are mugs all over the place that are used for some purpose or another. No one refuses a free gift, even if it a promotional mug with printing on it. People love taking hot drinks when at work or when relaxing. Mugs are a win-win situation. If you are going this way to promote your business, make sure that the mugs are attractive and at the same time functional.


This will make sure that people want to use your mug every day when they want to have a drink. Choose a mug which is large to hold your clients’ favorite drink and a large handle which fits comfortably in your clients’ hands to make sure that your customers have a favorable experience with the promotional mug. A large handle and large space inside the mug are the two important characteristics to go for while picking a coffee mug for business promotion.


Promotional mug printing can be a fairly quick process if you are ready with your design. The order is often prepared and delivered within a week. With such a turnaround, all you need to do is make the most of the offers so that your orders are taken care of. After the mugs have been ordered, you can confidently rely on your promotional merchandise advertising. Providing good quality promotional items, along with amiable customer support will make sure that your advertising campaign is a successful one. The customers will also be happy to receive your promotional products and use them on a daily basis.



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