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Create Marketing Magic with Affordable Direct Mail Postcards

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The brighter side of direct mail postcards is that they always lead to unexpected calls from prospects. A lot can be done with a great postcard or letter in your marketing program. The problem with an untutored and critical eye is that direct mail to them does not seem like much. And this is one of the major reasons as to why it is tougher to achieve than something that is sophisticated or some corporate gobbledygook. Marketing these days is purely digital in nature. We use Facebook, Twitter, emails and blogs to market our products. This does not mean, in any way, that direct mail is dead. It is the type that the postal delivery person puts in your mailbox.


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Magnets Printing

It has been observed that 65% of consumers of different ages have made a purchase due to direct mail. The average response rate for direct mail is also fair for business to consumer and business-to-business mailings. This is indeed higher than the response rate of electronic mail. All of this is indication of the fact that direct mail is very much alive and working. A lot of clients, including the ones that are employed in the field of hi-tech have recognized this and in this case it should be said that direct mail is going through a renaissance.


A lot of businesses have maximized their output and need to find a separate channel. They can even enjoy a very high rate of response to the direct mail that has been added from the start. The results are extremely satisfactory and this is why direct mail is fast becoming a staple in their marketing plans. The cost per lead of the direct mail postcards is almost the same as email. It costs more to mail over something printed than sending out email.


The cost of the campaign is however not an indication of success. This is something that is measured by the cost per lead. The cost per lead of direct mail is in tune with pay-per-click and print marketing. It is a lot less than telemarketing. The production costs of direct mailing postcards are more than email, but these are not enough to make email the sure fire way of direct marketing. Direct mail has a higher conversion rate than any other medium for lead generating the free offers and the one step buy now offers. Direct mail is becoming more dramatic and that can be optimized with personalization and other aspects such as personalized landing pages.


Add the URL of your present landing page to the direct mail. A few buyers prefer an online response and this might help in bringing further business without additional costs. It is rendered more effective when you make use of a person vanity URL which can be remembered and typed in easily. Make it simple for customers to use even if they cannot cut and paste. Direct mail for postcards also enjoys a longer shelf life and hence it might be lucrative to check your present landing pages and offers to see what can be refreshed to offer through direct mail.


Make the Most of Direct Mail Postcards


People can access direct mail after weeks of mailing and this is why you need to make sure that your offers are still as exciting and valid. If not, you can even put a firm deadline on the response time. Remember that direct mail does not have to be expensive and large in order to be effective. According to the US Postal Service, postcards are the mail format which is most likely to be scanned or read. The reason for this could be that it does not take too much time to read or scan through the postcards.


Hence, in order to be effective, the prospect is expected to understand your offer within seconds of glancing at it. The same rule applies: your target should be to communicate the maximum information effectively. Test your postcard performance by using the best performing promotional email as your starting point. Make sure that the image and header are put on one side and the body copy is placed on another. Remember that oversized postcards are likely to attract more attention and this is why you should try larger sized formats.


Direct Mail Lists are High Quality


Direct mail postcards are less expensive to print and mail than most forms of direct mail. The vendors in your direct mail list have worked on their databases for a pretty long time. You can argue that the email lists are also improving, but then they seem to lack in quality. This means that a direct mail list from a good vendor is more tightly targeted on your desired customer. Do not forget your house list too as these outperform rented lists at large.


If you are keen to start a house list, the first thing to do is include customers who have bought previously or responded as good as the former customers. Once you pay a little bit of time and attention to this drab, but essential task, your efforts will be repaid many times over.


Move Out of the Mailbox


If you are using envelopes for your postcards, you know that the only reason why this outer covering is required is to make sure that the envelope is opened and the contents are read. Devote some time to print your message on the outer portions. Modify the wording or rephrase it altogether to see if one version looks better than another. Test the blind outers as well; they are often better than teasers as they do not notify the residents about opening direct mail.


You must use the right direct mail format. This will help in estimating the performance of your direct mail postcards. Selling fun and glam pieces will not do for marketing financial services. A somber looking envelope will rather work well as that is what people expect from financial services. this is why you need to take utmost caution and care before having your postcards printed with the right design elements.



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