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In recent years, there has been an evolution of the direct mail marketing industry which has become interactive. Digital platforms today are attracting the attention of the users with their engaging design aspects and colorful palettes. They provide various eye-catching upgrades, urging marketers to find ways of bringing up the standards of print media and making it faster.

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Color prints are more descriptive
First and the foremost reason why color prints are opted over black & white prints is because they provide more clarity in information sharing. For instance you take a descriptive and sophisticated hierarchal diagram into account. It is not at all easy to represent all aspects of such a diagram in black & white. Simply it is because the information and lines will appear to be messy and blurred. However with color prints you can represent each section of the diagram with different color scheme adding more clarity to the information. This is why color prints are more suitable for academic projects. read more

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If this is a family project perhaps you could have your children draw a picture and scan that into your computer and add it as a graphic onto your dvd insert to print and once you add some writing you find that it looks rather nice and is very unique to your family. If you are a company you may have a training video need a dvd case cover printed for. If you have large quantities you can find a dvd case insert printers or cd case cover printers. They can get your job done quickly and affordable. read more

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