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The Differences between Paper Types for Printing

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The Differences between Paper Types for Printing

Different printing jobs will require different paper types for printing. The various types of paper will include the thickness of copy paper and the finish. There are also different sizes available. There are also NCR papers that will allow you to make duplicates without the hassle of carbon paper. You will need to understand these factors so that you will be able to pick the right paper for your printing job.

Firstly when you are making a decision about paper types for printing you will need to consider the weight or thickness of copy paper you will want. In the US this is measured in lbs whereas in Europe it is measured in grams. The weight of standard paper is 20lb and is available up to 200lbs. The weight of the paper is in fact not its real weight but a measurement of its density. The weights also come in cover or index categories. The larger ones like 200 index are used for tags and are more like the cardboard weight.

Size is also a factor in selecting paper types for printing. There are many different sizes, as well as the thickness of copy paper with 8.5 X 11 letter sizes being the most common. In the US these are classified by A as letter size and B as legal 8.5 X 14, which is slightly longer. There is also a smaller size that is called ½ size as it is half the size of the letter paper. This can be used for receipt books and booklets.

The finish of the paper is also important when considering paper types for printing and will vary according to the job that you want to do. There are two finishes that copy paper has one is glossy and is often used for photos and the other is matte or flat, which is good for stationary and basic printing jobs. The thickness of copy paper will also be a factor with these types of jobs.

You can also get special paper types for printing that are called NCR or 2 part forms that will allow you to copy an original handwritten sheet. This is a popular type of paper which is used for invoices and recipes. There are different colors for the duplicate sheets. For the 2 part forms the second copy is canary yellow. For 3 part ones there is an additional duplicate paper which is pink in color.

As you can see there are a number of different paper types for printing. You will need to select the right one for your printing needs. Paper will help to make your presentation look better. It can also impress the potential customer when you select the right sort for your business stationary. Sometimes slightly thicker paper will look more impressive and glossy finish will also look better. When you make a good impression on your customers you will make more sales and profits. Standard is usually used for basic printing jobs.
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